Malika stands on the ledge and scans the glimmering skyline.

Then it hits her.

The danger of the mission she has just accepted washes over her like a wave. She could be imprisoned for life, or killed.

Her pulse starts racing. What was she thinking?

Starling trainees never take missions in the first year, especially not serious ones like this. Even the older Starlings had balked when the objective had been revealed. And she had volunteered?

She backs off the ledge and turns to go back inside, but then she remembers her father’s smiling blue eyes.

Clenching her fists, she steps back up and finds her target — a tall, phallic building poking up above the clouds, rising up from the Valley floor a mile below.

The headquarters of the Federation Intelligence Agency. It seems small and insignificant from where she stands.

“I can do this,” she tells herself, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves.

Then she notices her hand. It’s trembling.

She curses, and then gives the command, “launch Bionic App Store.”

A transparent screen materializes in the air just in front of her, displaying a holographic menu of apps.

“Search store,” she whispers. “Find Bravado.” An animation of a roaring lion pops onto the screen, with the words Bravado App, developed by MegaCorp written beneath it.

She says the command, “Install app,” and in that very instant, her hand stops trembling, her breath slows, she stands taller, her shoulders broaden, and a confident light shines in her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

Malika looks across the horizon again, zeroes in on her target, and leaps off the ledge.


Nico paces nervously along the towering rooftop. Then he sees her.

Malika is circling the sky just above him, her wing suit gleaming in the moonlight.

Even from this distance, he can see why she is one of the Starling.

The perfect shape of her body, the radiance of her skin, her athleticism, her quick wit — any of these alone would be enough to mark her as one of the genetic elite — but there is something more.

It’s in the way she moves. Her confidence. As if she holds the answer to a marvelous secret. It’s like she has always known she’s better.

He checks the time. They’re running late. The cameras will find her soon.

Malika swoops down towards him and lands gracefully by his side. His pulse quickens as she draws near him, her tight black jumpsuit hugging the curves of her beautiful body.

He beams as he runs up to her.

“Nico!” Malika whispers angrily. “What are you doing here?”

His face falls. He had been imagining a warmer welcome. “I had to see you,” he says breathlessly. “It’s been so long. And things have been so weird at school, with all the deaths.”

“How did you know I’d be here?” says Malika, not taking the bait. “Have you been spying on me!?”

Nico meets her fiery gaze with a fire of his own. “I guess you could say that. Listen, Mali, I came to help. You can’t do this alone — it’s too dangerous! I can get you in.” He taps a clunky watch on his wrist. “I’ve got a special hack.”

Malika glares at him, but her anger fizzles out as she looks into his brown puppy-dog eyes. She’s always been a sucker for those eyes.

“Alright,” she says with a resigned sigh, “but we have to be fast.”

“I can be fast,” says Nico happily, bringing his face close to hers, but she turns her back. Not that he minds the view. Her jumpsuit accentuates her ample curves, especially from behind.

“Help me take off these wings,” she whispers.

They pull the bionic wings off her muscular arms, and she folds the feathers and tucks them into her back pocket. She finally turns back to face him, human again.

Her dark hair is pulled back in a sleek ponytail, and her plump lips are wet with gloss. “Cleaned up for the cameras, huh?” Nico whispers as they start tip-toeing along the side of the building together. “Did you use the Sexy app?” Malika punches him, and he stumbles backward from the force. He loves it when she does that.

“What are they feeding you up there?” he says, rubbing his throbbing arm. “It didn’t used to hurt that bad.” He grabs her hand, pulls her face close to his and looks into her shining, black eyes.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers.

Malika lets down her guard and smiles. “I’ve missed you too Nico,” she whispers back.

Nico’s face suddenly darkens. “Have you? I thought you would have forgotten me by now. They say the Starling have to leave all their worldly attachments behind once they go to the Sky.”

“Don’t be silly,” says Malika with a sad smile. “I will never forget the people I love.” She drops her head. “That’s why I’m here.”

Nico lifts Malika’s chin and returns her sad smile. Then he looks up toward the western sky.

The majestic Sky Dome floats above the clouds in the horizon, like a castle, glowing brightly in the pale moonlight. Some say the Dome is magical. Others call it haunted. “What’s it like up there?”

“It’s okay,” says Malika with a shrug. “I can’t really talk about it.”

“Don’t talk,” says Nico, putting his finger on her lips. “No need to say anything.” He pulls her close. “You can just show me with a kiss.”

Malika turns her face away. “Please don’t do this, Nico. You know it’s forbidden. I am — ”

“I know what you are,” says Nico softly. “But that doesn’t have to change who you are on the inside.” He taps her gently on the chest, places his hand behind her neck and pulls her lips close to his.

Suddenly, they hear a loud buzzing sound in the sky.

Malika ducks her head into Nico’s chest as a drone zooms across the rooftop.